The Contributors to the Comparative Pathology Workbench Project

Prof Mark Arends

Prof. Mark Arends

Professor Arends directs the Centre for Comparative Pathology and leads the colorectal cancer pathology research group, working on animal models of adenomatous polyposis pathology using well-characterised mouse3, rat4 and pig5 mutant-APC models and human FAP for cross-species comparison.

Prof Richard Baldock

Prof. Richard Baldock

Professor Baldock has led the Mouse Atlas programme6 at the IGMM and developed the core concepts used by many spatial atlas resources internationally, anatomy ontologies and the 3D spatial frameworks and techniques for spatial data mapping7 and visualisation8.

Prof Albert Burger

Prof. Albert Burger

Professor Albert Burger leads the Biomedical Informatics Systems Engineering Lab(BISEL) at Heriot- Watt University. He has closely worked with the Mouse Atlas program forover 15 years. His research expertise focuses on distributed bioinformatics systems, including integration of distributed, heterogeneous databases and web service infrastructures.

Dr Ken McLeod

Dr. Ken McLeod

Dr Ken McLeod works as a Research Associate with Prof. Burger, in the Biomedical Informatics Systems Engineering Lab(BISEL) at Heriot- Watt University, and has developed the conceptual models in this project.

Mr Mike Wicks

Mr Mike Wicks

Mr Mike Wicks is the Workbench Programmer for Prof. Arends in the Centre for Comparative Pathology, and has built the Comparative Workbench system in this project.